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Step 4: Choose Your Special Occasion Envelopes

Custom Special Occasion Envelopes

Many churches need envelopes for special giving opportunities, events, or services. Examples of special giving opportunities include holidays, building funds, or outreach missions. To fill this need, we offer four different types of Special Occasion Envelopes.

A. Standard

The Standard Special Occasion looks identical to all of the other envelopes in the book except it has the title of the special opportunity printed on it.

B. Premium

The Premium Special Occasion also resembles the other envelopes in the book, but has the title of the special opportunity printed on it and colored bars at the bottom of the book. This makes it easier for special funds to be separated from regular offerings.

C. Color Border

The Color Border Special Occasion is different from the rest of the envelopes in the book; it features a colored cross, a special title, field for amount and name, and a printed color border around the edge of the envelope.

D. Full Color

The Full Color Special Occasion is the most eye-catching Special Occasion envelope. These envelopes provide an exciting way to encourage giving for specific causes. A large selection of full color designs is available on our website.


Custom Special Occasion Envelopes
  Full Size Full Size Mailable Small Size
Standard $.03 $.03 $.03
Premium $.04 $.04 $.04
Color Border $.06 $.06 $.06
Full Color $.08 $.08 NA

Pricing per envelope for any quantity.