Church Offering Envelopes

Step 1: Design Your Book Cover

Selecting a cover is the first step in designing your custom envelope book. The cover can serve as a visual reminder to your members of their commitment to the church and missions they are supporting.

The cover is a blank slate. It can be a photograph of the church, a landscape, a logo, or any image of your choosing. If designing a cover from scratch seems like a daunting task, we have several templates to use as a starting point. Our experienced designers will ensure that the cover represents your church.

Choose from two book sizes:

  • Full Size (3 5/8" x 7")
  • Small Size (3 5/8" x 3 1/2")


Black and white covers are included with the books. Color covers are a great way to draw attention to your books. Upgrading to full color covers costs only $ .10 per Full Size Book and $ .06 per Small Size book.