Watch at the East Gate

One Write is situated on the eastern side of Lancaster, Ohio, near the Corporation Limits. This location has inspired local resident and Kingdom advocate Charlton Burgett to comment that we might, in fact, be “standing watch” at the East Gate of the town.

We have asked ourselves what significance that might have and last month we received a possible answer.

Mr. Burgett cares deeply for the people of our community and he has been active in the battle to stem the epidemic of drug addiction here. The past ten years have seen this small Central Ohio County become one of the state’s leaders in drug-related crimes, incarcerations and deaths. Fairfield County Sheriff Dave Phalen said last week that over half the inmates in the local jail are there because of drugs. He estimates 85% of theft-related crime is now committed by drug users.

Our courts are clogged with an endless stream of drug cases. Our addiction treatment and rehabilitation centers are overburdened and unable to stop the trend.

Mr. Burgett has called on the community for a concerted effort to draw new battle lines. The foundation for his plan of attack is spiritual, looking to God for authority. He is asking people to put aside differences and come together in prayer and fasting against the drug addiction problem.

One group has begun meeting in One Write’s conference room during the last hour of each week. Between 4:00 and 5:00 on Friday afternoons, people gather to listen and pray for the healing of our community. This is just one of many meetings that have begun throughout the county.

We welcome Mr. Burgett and all those from the community who come here on Fridays, and we feel honored to host such a worthy activity. This is one way to “stand watch”, helping to make our community a better place, and we look forward with anticipation for the changes that will result from the power of these prayers. 

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