The Rainy Season Ends

In some places the rainy season comes like clockwork. It is predictable, and people seem more prepared to fall into a daily rhythm of living without sunshine.

But here in Central Ohio it comes harder to us. April set a record for rainfall and May is determined to do the same. The ground is so saturated that farmers cannot plant crops and everyone wonders when the rains will end.

So this week when the sun returned and warmed our hearts, we all experienced a renew sense of purpose.

The focal point for us right now is the creation of Kaizen teams to begin to consider small changes for the betterment of our processes.

On Tuesday we all viewed a DVD entitled “Toast Kaizen” in four groups throughout the day. It is a humorous look at the process of a man making toast for his wife in their kitchen. It illustrated how we could look for waste in a process, even our own.

Then on Thursday each of the four groups gathered again and brought ideas on how to improve our processes. Over fifty ideas were given! Next week we will form small teams to consider the first of these ideas, and propose measures to implement them.

One Write Company is very fortunate to have been exposed to the concepts of Continuous Improvement and Lean Thinking. All of us have begun seeing in a new way, and what we see is a brighter and better future.

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