The Busy Season, Part II

The pace has been increasing at One Write as the first Sunday of 2011 approaches. Most of our 9,000 church customers distribute their Offering Envelope Books to their members now so the demand for quick turn-around of orders becomes very great.

Even though we know this happens every year, the season presents many challenges.

One of our responses is to run our printing presses and bindery operation more hours each day to generate more output. But staffing twenty-four hours of production means our core group of employees must be deployed over three shifts instead of all working during the day shift.

We need temporary help in the pressroom, and this year we are partnering with a new group to get this done. The Refuge is providing workers to fill some of our personnel needs.

The Refuge is a Christian Community Ministry dedicated to rebuilding the lives of men who have struggled with drugs, alcohol and other addictions. The men in this program spend thirteen months living at a farm in rural Vinton County, Ohio. They work and study there in community and are given opportunity for the Holy Spirit to begin a heart transformation.

The presence of men from this place changes the atmosphere of One Write for the better. They do not take anything for granted, but are genuinely grateful for the opportunities they have had as a result of their choice to seek God and change their lives.

We are blessed to have the Refuge men here during this busy time.

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