The Busy Season

In the remaining weeks of 2010 a large percentage of our church customers will require timely delivery of their orders.

The challenge for us at One Write is to remember what is most important, even under such pressure.

Of course, we want to make each customer’s delivery date. And that means getting orders to them before the first Sunday in January when the 2011 Offering Envelope Books are given out.

But more basic and fundamental than that lies our company’s purpose “to be a light to everyone we come in contact with.”

That means that even under the demands of the season, we exhibit the gift of the Spirit called “Hospitality.” This is at the heart of our ability to offer good service.

It requires us to be truly interested in our customer and to be willing to make reasonable sacrifices for the best interests of that customer. This builds trust and creates the sustainable relationships we need to be successful beyond the present and into the future.

Each day One Write’s employees encourage one another to offer gracious and sincere hospitality, and we see this as an important step on our company’s journey of Continuous Improvement.

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