Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

While it is true that One Write is located in Ohio, it would not generally be considered anywhere near Cincinnati, Ohio. So when the suggestion arose to have a company outing at a Reds game, it was met with some raised eyebrows.

However, the main supporters of the idea (Reds’ fanatics Dick McCafferty and Phil Herington) continued to lobby and eventually hit upon the perfect plan. The Reds schedule included a May19th “Businesspersons’ Special” against the Pittsburgh Pirates which began at 12:35.

The combination pleased everyone: a Thursday road trip that would get us home before too late and an incredibly weak opponent (Pittsburgh is currently in an 18-year string of losing seasons) made the plan go forward.

The Fun Bus departed our parking lot at 9:00 am carrying 30 employees and family members decked out in full game day dress.

Anticipation ran high as we found there were special concession stands for this game at which every item was only a dollar! Life was good!

Unfortunately the teams did not cooperate and the Pirates (who had lost their previous six games) managed to hold on to defeat the Reds (who had won their previous five games) by a 5-3 score.

The two and a half hour ride home allowed time for healing and spirits revived as some forward-thinking travelers had kept some cold beverages on the bus “just in case.”

 It was a good day and we agreed to continue this tradition again soon.

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