Small Changes Bring Long-Term Savings

One Write’s purpose is to support the act of giving.  The most important way we can do this is by providing our customers with the highest quality at the lowest possible price.  Because material costs have continued to increase in spite of the recession, we have been concentrating on improving our manufacturing operations to keep our prices stable.  Our goal is to streamline our processes and eliminate all the parts that don’t add value to our customers. In that way, we plan to drive out costs to keep our prices as low as possible into the future.

Our several offering envelope formats were developed separately over time in response to specific church needs. The slight differences in paper sizes meant that we had to buy smaller amounts on each order. That made the price higher.  By making slight changes to the envelope we’ve made all formats able to be made from the same size rolls. That increases the amount on each order and lowers the cost.  The standardization of roll width means added efficiency in the actual printing process. As each job is completed, there is a delay as the next one is set up. Because the rolls are now all the same, this idle time is lessened. Minimizing setup time is key to keeping costs in line.

One Write is committed to continually seeking a better way to create value for our customers.

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