One Write Hits the Road

Last week a team of eight One Write Employees traveled from Lancaster, Ohio to Kansas City, Missouri for an important Printing Industries of America event.

The annual Continuous Improvement Conference is designed to help printing companies become better at what we do. Along with 250 other attendees, we learned how to improve our Customer Service experience as well as how to create a more efficient product flow.

John Goodman, one of the co-founders of TARP (one of America’s premier customer service research firms), encouraged us to see customer complaints as a gift. He said that we can only resolve the problems that we know about, and that getting negative feedback is sometimes the only way problems come to light. His contention is that the most important thing is to act quickly on the complaint and correct the problem.

The emphasis all week was on Lean Thinking. This is the idea that all our activities must add value as our Customer defines it. If we are doing something in our process that is outside that definition, we should consider it Waste and stop doing it.

Now that the group has returned to work full of enthusiasm and new ideas for improvement, the challenge is to engage the rest of our employees. To that end next month we’ll be forming into small, cross-discipline groups to consider the practical ways in which we might become better at what we do.

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