One Write at The Foundation

Businesses exist for a variety of reasons. Some companies say that the only thing that they care about is making money. While it is certainly true that it is necessary to be profitable to survive, others claim to be concerned about making the world a better place.

Our desire is to be like those companies who want to make a difference in the world, in the community and in individual lives. 

To help make our desire become reality we are always looking for ways to engage in activities that foster this idea. This month we took a team to The Foundation to serve dinner for those in our community who are not able to provide for themselves at this time.

Foundation Dinners has been providing meals to those in need in our community every day for twenty-two years. Ed Clum came up with the idea in 1990 and put it into action. Ed was actually there the evening the One Write employees and their families served.

Ed told us that the program was begun in response to a need that existed on Lancaster’s West Side and that it was still about feeding the hungry there. But he said that today the main focus is on community involvement and making sure everyone was aware that the situation still existed. 

In both respects The Foundation is a success largely because of Ed’s faith and his belief that the work aligns with the heart of Jesus. There is always a time before the meal for a prayer of blessing and a word of encouragement for the ones who have come to be served.

All our volunteers were blessed to participate and we have already scheduled our next date to serve in May.

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