One More Thing

It is the Holiday Season and there is a lot on every plate. Preparation for the gatherings, the meals and the celebrations to come takes time and energy.

Besides all their family activity, One Write employees are asked to produce at the highest level of the year to accommodate the large number of orders which come in now.

So the addition of one more task may seem unfair or impossible. But in fact, one more job has been given to each person at One Write. This Christmas season every employee must designate $500.00-worth of the company’s charitable contribution to a specific cause, organization or individual in need.

The request is taken very seriously by all and typical is the way Tracy Shahan responded.

Although she knows of some people in her life who are in need of a helping hand, Tracy felt led to do something different than what she has done in the past. So she went to the local town’s Elementary School and asked the Secretary if she knew of any unmet needs there.

The School Secretary didn’t hesitate, and told of one student’s mother who had just been diagnosed with cancer.

Even though she doesn’t know them personally, Tracy’s $500.00 will allow that family to have Christmas gifts in spite of the disruption caused by the radiation and chemotherapy treatments for the mother.

Stories like this remind us that lives, even the lives of strangers, can be touched in many ways when we demonstrate a generous spirit.

Yes, it is a busy season and we can often be weighed down by the part we are expected to play, but sometimes adding one more thing makes the rest of the load lighter.

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