Meet the CSR

If you have ever purchased a product from us, I imagine you had the opportunity to speak with one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives (CSR's).  We would like to put a face to the person with whom you spoke.  Below you will get an opportunity to learn a little more about our CSR's here at One Write.

Meet Tracy Shahan

Kara Tindor and her Fiancé Jeff Moyer

Name: Tracy Shahan

One Write Employee since: November, 1984

Favorite things to do in spare time: spend time with her kids, read, visit with friends and neighbors.

Interesting Facts: When Tracy spends time with her kids it is not always with her 2 sons.  She raises goats, meaning she has LOTS of kids to play with.

Tracy and her husband Pete lived just a few streets apart in the small village of Bremen, but they didn't meet until working at One Write in 1989.


“I like working at One Write because they value family and community service.”

Meet Kara Tindor

The Awesome Kara Tindor!!

Name: Kara Tindor

One Write Employee since: October, 2010

Favorite things to do in spare time: cook, read, be outside, and watch Veggie Tales.

Interesting Fact: “Kara has a Spanish degree and has spent time in Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico with various missionaries.”

“I love working at One Write because the environment is peaceful, the work is interesting, and I get to help people!”