The One Write Light Fund

Our belief is that God has put us in this place at this time for a specific purpose. In addition to being the very best supplier of printed materials for churches, we feel called to make a difference in the world, to shine light into the darkness.

Creating a Spirit of Generosity

We set aside 10% of our corporate earnings each year to support worthy causes in our community. Each employee is responsible for designating their share of that money. We ask all our people to watch and notice when they see a need. They then direct the company to make a contribution to that person or organization. The employee is responsible for delivering the donation and explaining why it is being given.

The request is taken very seriously by all and typical is the way Tracy Shahan responded last year. Although she knows people in her life who are in need of a helping hand, Tracy felt led to do something different than what she has done in the past. So she went to the local town’s Elementary School and asked the Secretary if she knew of any unmet needs there.

The School Secretary didn’t hesitate, and told of one student’s mother who had just been diagnosed with cancer. Tracy’s $300 allowed that family to have Christmas gifts in spite of the disruption caused by the mother’s radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Stories like this remind us that lives, even the lives of strangers, can be touched in many ways when we demonstrate a generous spirit.


The One Write Light Fund

Our desire is to encourage a spirit of generosity first in our own employees, and then the entire community. With that objective, we have have created The One Write Light Fund. Through this fund, you can make a request for a contribution so that when you see a need in your community, you can reach out and help. Each individual request will be reviewed and decisions will be made based upon the funds we have available and the information you provide.

Make a Request

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