One Write in the Community

Our company's stated purpose is to support the act of giving. But beyond that, there are ways we are able to participate in the act of giving itself.

The Lancaster Food Pantry serves over 300 families every month. It operates out of an old church called the Agape Building. The pantry restocks its inventory with large monthly shipments of food purchased from a regional distribution center. One Write employees take an extended break from the factory to provide the labor for the pick up and unloading of the shipment each month.

Lancaster, Ohio is an average town in the middle of a country that we usually think of as being better off than much of the rest of the world. But the fact is, many families do not have enough to eat, even here. We feel fortunate to have jobs and the ability to help some of the people in our town who do not. This is one way we participate in the act of giving.