Church Offering Products

The products we offer are designed to make it easier for church members to give.

Custom Offering Envelope Books

Custom Offering
Envelope Books

One Write’s books are perfect-bound, with attractive, personalized color covers and a year’s worth of individual envelopes organized by date. Each envelope remains in its proper sequence until used.

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Stock Offering
Envelope Books

We also provide books that have already been designed and printed. We call these “stock” books, as we always keep a supply in stock. Stock books can be provided quickly and are less expensive than customized books.

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Bulk Offering Envelopes

Bulk Offering

We also provide individual loose envelopes in large quantities. These envelopes are ideal for visitors, or to be mailed with newsletters, bulletins, etc.

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Stock Special Occasion Envelopes

Stock Special
Occasion Envelopes

Our pre-printed Stock Special Occasion Envelopes are an easy way to provide your congregation with envelopes for specific occasions throughout the year. These envelopes are available for immediate shipment.

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youth offering envelopes

Youth Offering
Envelope Books

The Youth Offering Envelope Book features a cover and envelopes designed specifically for children. Included in the price is the option to print the church name, church address, and date of the offering on each envelope. Each book consists of 52 weekly envelopes.

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Pledge and Welcome Cards

Pledge and
Welcome Cards

One Write also provides a variety of additional printed products. Two of our most popular are Pledge Cards (to record members’ giving commitment) and Welcome Cards (to introduce the church to visitors).

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