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Church Offering Envelopes

Our Company

In 1957 “One Write” system forms and envelopes were first produced in a small print shop in Wheeling, West Virginia. The process used flexography to imprint an entire year’s Sunday dates on individual offering envelopes within a set. Churches found that the offering envelopes which were “perfect-bound” into books were a convenient improvement over their traditional boxed sets. The response was so encouraging that within a few years a new printing facility was built in the present location at Lancaster, Ohio. Founders Mac McClelland and Tom Boyd are no longer running the operation, but one son, Norm Boyd, and their grandson, Andrew McClelland Boyd are active leaders in the company today.

With a focus on continuous improvement and customer service, One Write provides church offering envelopes, forms, and other giving materials to more than 10,000 churches and organizations around the world.

Our Products

One Write’s purpose is to support the act of giving. The products we offer are designed to help church members by making it easier to give and to increase giving consistency. The centerpiece of our product line is the Custom Church Offering Envelope Book, a convenient and inexpensive alternative to the traditional boxed set filled with loose, individual envelopes. The books feature a glossy, full-color cover which is tailored to your church, its ministries and its members. All of our products allow giving to be private, and information secure. Our desire is to provide an economical solution to giving and make more funds available for your church’s ministries.


We are a printing company, and we use
a lot of paper.  But we also do our part in recycling. Last year, we recycled nearly 54 tons of scrap materials.